Ken Warren

Ken Warren

Ken Warren

If you like silky smooth voices you'll love listening to Ken sing. He has an incredibly deep, rich, clear tenor voice that sounds a lot like Larry Graham's of Graham Central Station. You know, the one with the massive hit "One In a Million".

If you've never heard Ken sing you're in for a special treat...and if you have heard him sing before you're probably looking forward to hearing him the next time. Well, the next time will be at The Christmas Jubilee Jam!

In addition to being a talented singer Ken is also quite the drummer. In fact, I first met him when I was looking for a drummer for "Catarro", a band that I was managing at the time; we played lounges, wedding receptions, anniversaries, corporate parties and other private engagements.

Though we maintained a friendship throughout the years we didn't see much of each other until about five years ago when we reconnected and rekindled our friendship.

In short, it's glad having Ken on board supporting this project. We'll have fun performing music together while collecting toys for kids. I'll be adding a picture of him real soon, so bookmark this page and come back again.

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