Lanard Perry

by Lanard
(Gainesville, FL)

Lanard Perry

Lanard Perry

Hi - I'm Lanard Perry, architect of this exciting project. I'm also a trumpet player and have been around Gainesville performing music for a long time. It has been a privilege to have played with some outstanding musicians over the years and owe my interest in and passion for music to many of them as teachers and role models.

My first musical endeavor was in the third grade. Me and some of my homies decided we were going to be bust into the big time as an a capella act - the big time was entry into our elementary school talent show.

We didn't make it, but I've been hooked on music ever since and learned from that experience that singing definitely was not my thing.

So what was it? Would you believe the bass guitar? My uncle had a band and practiced where I lived, which was at my grandparents house. It's funny how many people lived in that small three bedroom house.

I digress. The point is that I got a chance to fiddle around on all of the instruments and the bass guitar is what felt the most natural to me. I played in my 1st R&B band, The Uptights, Gainesville's version of The Jackson Five, when I was in the 5th grade. As it was there were more than five of us and we didn't have as much talent as Michael and his brothers had, but what we did have was FUN!

I learned to play trumpet in the 7th Grade and although I fooled around with other instruments trumpet is my instrument of choice.

Throughout the years I played in a small handful of bands; The Uptights, The Fabulous Souls, Johnny Ace and The Percolaters, Weston Prim and Blacklash, Catarro, Jeff Floyd and Friends, Charizma, The Tazers and Lil Jake and The Soul Searches. Church homes included Mt. Olive AME, Mt. Zion AME (Ft. Lauderdale) and now Greater Bethel AME.

So, here I am now on the verge of producing my first concert...Christmas Jubilee Jam! I'll play my horn and might even sing a song or two and hope to collect lots of toys for kids that Santa might not visit.

Please share this event with the people within your sphere of influence so that we can have a great turnout, a super time and collect lots of toys!

Thanking you in advance for helping to get the word out.

Lanard Perry

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by: LaVern Porter- Mitchell

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
An excellent idea from a person of excellence. I am delighted to participate and attend such a blessed event.

Lanard you are awesome and I claim in Jesus name that this will be an annual celebration!

To God be the glory!

Response: LaVern, thanks for the kind words. None of this would be possible if not for people like you who are graciously giving of their time, talent and effort to the event. My hope is that we will raise lots of toys, and that Santa will be able to visit many kids that might otherwise not experience the joy of receiving gifts on Christmas Day.

by: Jackie Hart

Hi Lanard!

What a wonderful project! I loved it when you first revealed it to me months ago and love it even more as it materializes. What a lineup!! NOW YOU DO KNOW, that this must become an annual event! That's what happens to great ideas like this one!

Many blessings for your kind and loving heart.

Response:Jackie, thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement. In turn I'm giving praise where it's due. The idea wouldn't be possible without the kindness of the participants who are donating their time and talent to the event. Hope to see you there.

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