Leonard (Leon) Marshall

(This Leon Marshsall's Hometown is Bronson, FL)

There are two Leonard Marshall's in town. This one was born and raised in Bronson, FL. He moved to Gainesville after graduating from High School and is now a school teacher. a

In fact, I met him not quite a year ago when I did a "One Man Band" gig at Lake Forest Elementary, which is where he and my wife work.

We got to talking about playing some music together, but nothing came of it, at least nothing that we initiated. By chance we ended up on a going home celebration service together, where I heard him sing for the first time...and my of my - the man has a great voice.

After that event I found my way to him and talked more seriously about doing something together...and when I came up with the idea of The Christmas Jubilee Jam it was a foregone conclusion that I had to have on the program.

I asked if he would lend his talent to th event and he said yes. So, get ready...Leonard can flat out sing and I know you're gonna love him.

I'll be adding a picture of him soon, so please bookmark this page and visit again at a later date.

Have you heard him sing? Tell us what you think. Leave a comment below!

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