Michelle Lamb

What can I say about Michelle that you don't already know? If you know her at all you know that she's a keyboard player who seems to have an unlimited repertoire of songs that she has immediate and complete command of. If you can call the name of a song chances are good that she can play it.

When I first met Michelle she was playing a Hammond B3 with bass pedals like nobody's business and singing just as impressively. Years later I discovered that she was a child prodigy on alto saxophone, but gave it up to learn and play keyboards.

It was my pleasure and privilege to have played Church Services with her at Mt Olive AME for a couple of years. During that time I got to know more intimately the magnitude of her talent. If there was ever an anointed musician she's one of them.

I'll be adding a picture of her later, so please come back later to check it out.

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