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2013 Christmas Jubilee Jam Benefit Concert Program Participants

Let's start with me...hi, I'm Lanard Perry; Tumpet Player and Producer of this Musical Extravaganza. My musical resume includes local R&B bands like The Uptights, The Fabulous Souls, Johnny Ace & The Percolaters,  Weston Prim & Blacklash, Catarro and Lil Jake and The Soul Searches.  Click here to read more.

This is Joy Banks, a most gifted and blessed musician.  Joy started playing piano at the age of 9. She also plays organ, harpsichord,  acoustic guitar, flute and sings like a bird.  Finally, she recorded two albums: Lord I Welcome Your Love 1993; Let Him In 1994.  Click here to read more.

Say hello to L'Tanya, an all around multi-talented singer, dancer, performer.  Some of you may know her as a Zumba Gold Instructor, where she's touched the lives of many people in our great community.  Come see what she brings to The Christmas Jubilee Jam. Click here to read more.

I met Lauren through Joy Banks and was immediately impressed by how good of a person she is.  Her musical roots come from the jazz of Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Kirk Whalum, the rhythm and blues of Chaka Kahn, Aretha Franklin, and my all time favorite band Earth Wind and Fire.  Click here to read more.

Meet Heidi Jensen Schwiebert, a talented singer/guitar player.  I agreed to perform at her Two Hawk Hammock Winter Festival event, then turned around and bribed her...ah, I mean I then asked her to participate in The Christmas Jubilee Jam.  How could she say no? Seriously, you're going to enjoy her singing. Read more...

Even though I've Known Ken Warren for quite a while I rearely get to see him perform live.  He's also a recording artist and has at least one recording to his credit and may have more for all I know.  If you're lucky enough and/or ask nice enough he just might make some available to you.  Read more...

Karen Johnson hails from Gainesville and is a favorite singer of many in the community.  In addition to being a popular single artist she's also known as one of three Washington Sisters renown for their tight, three part harmonic, acapella performances.  Read more...

Horn fans,  You're in for a special treat - The Blacklash Horns will be in the house.  With tight three part harmonies and a few dance steps thrown in for good measure you're guaranteed to want to hear more of them than they're scheduled to perform.  Yep, they're all that.  Read more..

Here are The Jewels, a group of ladies who seem to get better with each performance.  I can watch as long as they can dance.  I hope you enjoy them, too. Read more...

If you know Scherwin Henry at all you probably know him as a servant of the people, a former elected official who tended to the best interests of our community.  This time he's doing it by way of participating in The Christmas Jubilee Jam Toy Drive as a drummer/musician.  Read more...

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Twenty members strong and growing, the East Side High School Gospel Choir rocked the house. David Richardson II is the director of this talented group of young people.


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